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A cocktail made by combining vodka with Triple Sec and Lime juice.


Historians suggest that Kamikaze originated in Japan during the American occupation and it was fixed at a bar in Tokyo near Yokosuka base. It was named after legendary Kamikaze warrior pilots who fought for Japan in World War II.

The word Kamikaze in Japanese translates to divine wind. Unlike many other cocktails this drink can be enjoyed in three ways: Straight Up, Shot, or on the rocks. The bartenders across world love to make this drink because it’s quick and easy to prepare.  

How to make one yourself

1 measure Vodka
1 measure Triple Sec
1 measure lime juice
Ice cubes
1 lime wedge

• Combine the vodka, Triple Sec and lime juice in a shaker filled with ice cubes.
• Shake vigorously.
• Strain into an old-fashioned glass containing a few ice cubes, using an ice strainer.
• Garnish with the lime wedge.