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A cosmopolitan, or informally a cosmo, is a cocktail made with vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed or sweetened lime juice.


The International Bartenders Association recipe is based on vodka citron, lemon-flavored vodka. The cosmopolitan is a relative of cranberry coolers like the Cape Codder. Though often presented far differently, the cosmopolitan also bears a likeness in composition to the kamikaze cocktail.

The origin of the cosmopolitan is disputed. It is widely believed that the drink was created independently by different bartenders since the 1970s. Generally, people have recognized that John Caine brought the drink to San Francisco around 1987 from Ohio. The same year in Manhattan, the internationally recognized version of the cocktail was created by Toby Cecchini, based on a poorly described version of Cheryl Cook’s creation. According to Sally Ann Berk and Bob Sennett, the cosmopolitan appears in literature as early as 1993 and derives from New York City.

The cosmopolitan gained popularity in the 1990s with frequent mentions in Sex and the City, where, Carrie Bradshaw, commonly ordered the drink when out with her girlfriends.

How to make one yourself

• 1½ parts Grey Goose L’orange vodka
• ½ part Cointreau liqueur
• 1 parts cranberry juice
• ¼ part fresh lime juice
• Cubed ice
• To garnish: orange zest

How to mix:
• Chill your cocktail glass (the easiest way is to fill it with ice)
• Put plenty of ice and all of the ingredients into your shaker or stirring glass and shake or stir vigorously for about 20 seconds
• Strain the mix into a cocktail glass
• Cut a piece of orange peel about the size of your thumb (be careful not to bend it). Hold the piece of orange peel between finger and thumb over the glass, and use a match to gently warm it for about 20 seconds
• Then bend the peel so it releases oil onto the lighted match, igniting a flame that will settle on the surface of the drink